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Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2023

Project Story: Transformation of a Bauhaus Villa in Worms with Flatlift TV Lift System

Client Vision: Unobstructed Garden View

In the picturesque city of Worms, a client transformed his newly built Bauhaus villa into a masterpiece of modern technology and design. His main concern was to preserve the unobstructed view of his beautiful garden and the generous window front, offering a breathtaking view of the pool. The thought of a stationary television disrupting this idyllic scene was unbearable to him.

The Flatlift Solution: A Floor TV Lift System

After extensive research, the client opted for the innovative Flatlift floor TV lift system, specially designed for an 85-inch television. This unique solution allowed him to maintain the aesthetics of his villa without sacrificing modern comfort. He chose a model with a walkable floor hatch that perfectly fit into the elegant interior.

Self-Installation with Professional Training

Excited about the idea of designing his home himself, the client visited our showroom in Worms, where he received comprehensive training. Equipped with the necessary knowledge and support from Flatlift, he carried out the installation himself. This DIY approach gave him an additional sense of satisfaction and ownership of his project.

Commissioning and Flexibility

The commissioning of the system was performed by Flatlift technicians to ensure smooth functionality and safety. The highlight of the system was its flexibility: the TV could be electrically rotated towards the dining table and couch when extended, offering the client ultimate adaptability for different viewing experiences.

Outcome: A „Mega Happy“ Client

The client was thrilled with the solution provided by Flatlift. Daily use of the TV lift system became an experience that added not just functionality, but also a touch of luxury to his everyday life. The seamless integration of the TV into the floor, combined with the ability to position it as desired, fulfilled his wish for an undisturbed view of his garden and pool without compromising on modern media comfort.


This story from Worms is a prime example of how modern technology and individual requirements can be harmoniously integrated into a living space. The Flatlift floor TV lift system offered not just an aesthetic solution to the design problem but also enhanced the overall living experience in a Bauhaus villa.