16. Dezember 2022

Under Bed Lift Systems – Why they are a practical choice for Bedroom Interior Designs and Vistas!

The Flatlift Under bed TV lift system is indeed a very practical choice if you want to have a TV in the bedroom in front of the bed only for some time!

If you want to have a TV with a TV lift in front of the bed, then this is only possible with a bulky piece of furniture from which the TV then rises upwards. This is a solution, but when the TV is retracted, the furniture can hide or even disturb the view of other much nicer vistas.

If you have a very beautiful view from your bedroom, you certainly don’t want to destroy it with clunky TV lift furniture at the foot of the bed.

It is simply a question of aesthetics and your own requirements. However, we find that customers who choose a Flatlift Under Bed TV lift system have an appropriate taste in interior design, furnishings, innovative solutions and a certain aesthetic.

Pricing of the Flatlift Under Bed TV Lift System

Of course, it is also a question of budget, here you can certainly make compromises. But don’t you make them too often in life? Not everyone can afford to make compromises, so there will be many customers who can afford furniture with a TV lift at first glance.

However, it has been shown that the Underbed TV lift is often not that expensive compared to the TV Lift nd the needed TV furniture that still has to be made and in which the TV lift will then be installed.

TV furniture in which the TV lift has to be installed by a carpenter costs several thousand euros or dollars depending on the surface finish and the doors and compartments. In addition, there are the delivery costs and the assembly on site.

Thefore a TV lift furniture can be much more expensive as a whole than an under bed TV lift system.

From this price point alone, the ultimately better interior design realisation and also because of the preserved view of the sea, mountains, lake or garden, it makes a lot of sense to think about an Flatlift Underbed TV Lift System.

As you can see in our video, in our opinion the Underbed TV Lift System is the better product compared to a bulky TV Lift furniture!

If you are interested in the Flatlift Under Bed TV Lift System then we are happy to get a E-mail or call. Flatlift TV Lift Systems GmbH Germany is one of the Marketleaders in this branch. Since the last 18 years Flatlift made more than 20.000 projects all over the world. All products are planned and manufactured in Germany.

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