19. September 2017

This can happen when you buy E-bay or China TV Lifts


It can be very annoying for you as a bargain huntsman or maybe not quite as technology-savvy consumers if you spend 300-400EUR on a TV lift system and then end up doing something like that you have seen in the videos above.

The hoped-for bargain quickly turns out to be much too loud in operation. By radio interference from the public 433MHZ frequency range, many E-Bay and China TV lifts simply move on when they only receive a signal from a baby monitor or a radio weather station. Then uncontrolled movement can become dangerous and, in the worst case, squeeze or pinch parts of the body when entering into the furniture.

Due to the bad and jerky movement and the resulting vibrations, even the hot flat TV, when lowered after use in the furniture, will result in PCB damage in the SMD area. Electronic SMD components are installed in every flat screen TV and are soldered onto circuit boards. Due to the heat distortion, voltages on the circuit board can occur, and then a SMD with a cold dissipation can be damaged very quickly by movement shaking so that in the worst case, the expensive flat TV will cease its function and will be destroyed by the resulting short circuit.

The videos are, by the way, recorded videos from customers who had previously purchased China or Far East TV lifts on E-Bay or on Amazon. These customers have then fortunately decided in retrospect for Flatlift quality products. Had to buy but finally but then twice!

Over the years, we have replaced a few hundred E-Bay or China systems against Flatlift TV lift systems. The customers are now all happy, so buy better direct at Flatlift.

Flatlift TV lift systems are very quiet and linear straight in the process of movement:

By choosing Flatlift you will not wrong and this either will not happen to what you have seen in the above 2 videos. At Flatlift there is no „Fire and Forget“. We are a highly specialized, owner-managed company that has been operating in the TV lift sector for more than 12 years. With us, you can be sure to always be well advised and served. Should you have any special questions about Flatlift products, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@flatlift.de

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