25. März 2015

10 years of Flatlift: producer of exclusive TV lift systems celebrates its anniversary

10 Jahre Flatlift

Free „Rheinhessen“ sparkling wine with all TV-Lift orders

Ten years of Flatlift: the Flatlift TV Lift Systeme (www.flatlift.com) technology company from Worms on Rhine is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Since its foundation as a classic garage start-up in spring 2005, the German company has grown into an international leading provider of high quality TV-lift, lower and swivel solutions for flatscreen televisions, displays and monitors. Flatlift customers also have a reason to celebrate during this anniversary year: for a one-year promotional period starting on 31.03.2015, customers will receive a free bottle of exclusive Rheinhessen region sparkling wine with every order for a TV lift.

The “Made in Worms on Rhine” success story

The first TV lift systems to raise televisions out of furniture and lower them from the ceiling elegantly and quietly by remote control were still being produced by the company founder Sascha Rissel in his garage at home in 2005. The high quality of the products quickly impressed exclusive customers too: for example, Rissel equipped the King of Dubai’s 160 metre long luxury yacht with one of his systems in the same year.

Continuous expansion

Following foundation as a GmbH and while continuously appointing more staff, the company’s path was shaped by constant expansion. As the available space was quickly far too small in light of the increasing number of orders, the company moved to today’s location in Niedesheimer Straße in Worms’ Südwest industrial estate in 2007.

Flatlift worldwide: from a special project at the Kremlin to a luxury suite

In the meantime, Flatlift can boast numerous, sometimes spectacular, projects and major orders in its list of references. These include, for example, the installation of a special lift system for the world’s largest flatscreen at that time in an conference hall in Moscow’s Kremlin. At 103 inches the display to be lifted had a screen diagonal of roughly 260 cm and weighed about 220 kilograms. Customers have no longer had to do without Flatlift comfort at exclusive hotels for a long time too: the company has equipped suites at various luxury hotels with the TV Lift systems.

The Flatlift founder and CEO Sascha Rissel, who grew up in the Worms’ district of Pfeddersheim, has still kept his eye open for other attractive business ideas despite his major success. The Blechking (www.blechking.com) concept, an online service for customised pre-cut sheet metals, came about almost casually.

But ten years after its foundation, the Flatlift business itself is also anything but standing still. The team led by CEO Rissel is currently working, for example, on special design ceiling lifts with very specific requirements that will be used on a luxury 500MIO+ mega sailing yacht.

“The entire Flatlift team is looking forward to many more successful years,” says Sascha Rissel, CEO of Flatlift TV Lift Systeme GmbH. “We also want to impress our customers all over the world in future with our quality standards, vast know-how and the claim of even being able to make the seemingly impossible possible in projects.”

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